Students’ images reflect fashion trends

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By  Rosemary Rodriguez, Pulse staff writer

Fashion is everywhere. It saturates the world with style, which is defined as one’s individuality and uniqueness. Fashion fades, but style is eternal.

“Fashion is how someone expresses themselves to other people through the things they feel represent them,” said Elissa Perez, a freshman Liberal Studies major at Palo Alto.

Style, in one word, is creativity. It illustrates the first impression, revealing a person’s personality. The right clothing and accessories make a statement to bedazzle the community. Trends continue to change the way fashion is expressed in one’s lifetime.

For example, crop tops and high-waist shorts became a popular trend during the summer of 2012. Also, maxi dresses made an appearance this summer. Floral prints and bright colors also captured a summer look.

“Fashion is someone who is confident in what they’re wearing,” said Nicole Moreno, a freshman Biology major at Palo Alto.

For fall and winter, dark-colored jeans, such as forest green, camouflage, maroon, grey and brown, are the autumn colors for an outfit. Leggings are coming back, especially the ones with studs, crosses and different colors, which add flair. Scarves with animal print, patterns and neutral colors are also popular this fall and winter.

Music can influence what we wear and inspire a certain style.

“My style is rocker,” said Tony Villanueva, a freshman Business Management major at Palo Alto. “I am inspired by the music I listen to and the guitarists are where I get my style from.”

Style is either dressed for comfort or to impress someone. The outfits put together for school are much different from the outfits we wear on the weekend. The ideal outfit for school is dressing comfortably and still looking good. For men, jeans and a T-shirt represent their style. For women, jeans and a nice blouse, or jeans and a tunic are their choices.

Nathan Guajardo, a freshman Business Management major at Palo Alto, said, “I wear whatever is in my closet.” Guajardo wears a simple T-shirt from a band or music he loves with a pair of jeans and Converse tennis shoes.

“Dressing up depends on the mood,” said Stephanie Juarez, a freshman Kinesiology major at Palo Alto. “For Friday, that’s when I dress up nice.”

For weekends, the event and place you’re going is how you decide what you’re going to wear. For women, a dress and heels is one possibility. For men, a nice shirt and pants is their choice.

When we dress a certain way, we project an image. The image reflects our personality. We dress to impress when it comes to interviews. Comfortable is for school, but more time and effort is needed when dressing for a potential job or internship.

Clothes can be expensive. Thrift shops have the same brands as any mall but with a better price. America Recycles Day, a national event on Nov. 15, will be in the Student Center Annex from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. A Recycled Fashion Show, sponsored by Goodwill, will begin at noon.

This event will give students an opportunity to see affordable fashion that is stylish. Students in COMM 2330 were given a $20 gift card from Goodwill to buy two outfits, one casual and one dressy. Goodwill also donated five extra gift cards that will be used as raffle prizes for attendees.

Trends change and come back with time. The more we comprehend the meaning of fashion, the more we will understand how our appearance portrays who we are as an individual.