Students disclose their favorite study spots


By Bobby Martinez
Pulse Staff Writer

With finals approaching next week, students are going to their favorite spots around campus to do last-minute studying.

Palo Alto is one of the Alamo Colleges’ smaller campuses, but it has plenty of places where students can escape.

The Ozuna Library features six group study rooms, six individual study rooms, 11 study carrels, and quiet sections throughout. These amenities make it the students’ favorite place to study. James Short is one of those students who comes here often.

“This is where I go to study. It’s [very] quiet, [has] plenty of table spaces with power supplies and has Internet,” said Short, a sophomore English major. “I tried studying in the Cafeteria, but it’s just too loud.”

The library is the only location that is open on Sundays from 1 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Downstairs from the library are approximate 200 computers in the new Academic Computing Studio.

The library gives students a place to escape from the noises; however, other students like the extra help they get with a tutor.

Palo Alto Learning Centers have a narrower field of focus for students who need help in a certain class.

The Writing Assistance Center, located in the Gutierrez Learning Labs, Rooms 102 and 104, is another popular spot where students can be found. Tutors provide assistance to students with any kind of writing need they may have. They can help you brainstorm ideas for starting a paper all the way to making sure your final draft is error free. Walk-ins are welcomed, but to have their undivided attention, make sure to call (210) 486-3257 for an appointment.

The Math Learning Center, located in the Gutierrez Learning Labs, Room 106, provides free tutoring for students with all levels of math. They also have math books and calculators on hand for students who need them. Keep in mind these supplies are on a first-come basis.

“I like to study in the Math Learning Center and Writing Assistance Center,” said Jennifer Amaya, a sophomore Social Work major. “I have access to Internet, and the computers all have Microsoft Word for my papers. Also, if I need help with my math, I know the help is near. For my papers, all I have to do is go next door and I can have someone look over it.”

The Science Learning Center has two locations. One is located in Frio Hall, Room 111, and the other is located at Brazos Hall, Room 126. The subjects they tutor are Biology, including Anatomy and Physiology, Zoology to Chemistry, Physics and Geology.

Not all students study in the library or learning centers. Some students like to be away from any and all distractions. Student use the campus’ wide-open space to get away. These students were hesitant to give up their locations.

“I like studying outside of the east end of the library because… no one likes to sit there,” said Zachary Mastroianni, a freshman Mass Communications major.

No matter how students prepare for finals, Palo Alto has a wide selection of places to study. Students have even turned the courtyard, hallways and their cars into study spots. What is your favorite place to study on campus?

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