Students ponder dream Spring Breaks

By Amanda Garza
Pulse staff reporter

Photo of a Spring Break destination.Spring break is like a nine-day recess for students and teachers.  The Greeks and Romans originated this break, celebrating it as a time of fertility and awakening.

For some, the week is now used for lying at home and enjoying good movies, while others do something out of the ordinary. My pen and paper went around campus to find out what students at Palo Alto College are doing this Spring Break.

Isabella Trevino, a sophomore Health major, said, “Usually I go to Colorado every Spring Break. We have been going there every year since I was little for family vacation, and we all enjoy it.”

When Spring Break is advertised on the news or in the magazines, it is usually accompanied with a picture of a beach or some type of beach theme.

Alexandria Borroel, a sophomore Education major, said that she wants to relax and have a good time with family and friends.

“Well, so far I don’t have anything planned, but I’m hoping to maybe go to Santa Rosa Beach in Florida!” said Carlton Galvez, a sophomore Music major. The total distance from San Antonio to Florida is about 1,159 miles.

While doing this research, the following question came to me: What would be your dream Spring Break? When asking these students this question, it turned out to be almost the exact same response.

“Probably go to England. I have always wanted to visit there,” said Isabella Treviño. England has nice weather during our Spring Break schedule, and you can visit Buckingham Palace and Stonehenge.

“Go to beaches in Florida or party in Vegas,” said Alexandria Borroel.

Something is always happening in Florida with its white beaches or Las Vegas with its neon lights. Carlton Galvez, on the other hand, would head across the Atlantic.

“I would love to tour through Italy!” he said. Italy has its leaning tower and other historical sites to visit.

John Meyer, a freshman Computer Informations Systems major, said, “Go back home to Florida…be at the beach all Spring Break.”

Adela Saucedo, a sophomore in Business Administration and Criminology major, said, “New York or Hawaii!” After thinking for awhile, she said, “…but New York would have more culture.”

Andrew Piñales, a sophomore Physics major, said, “My dream Spring Break would be to travel to Greece with my wife and see the ancient temple ruins.”

All of the students wanted to travel out of their living space.

Whether it’s a snow-filled paradise, or a warm tropical setting, or ancient historical sites or right here in our ever-changing Texas climate, we all just want to have a relaxing Spring Break, where we can unwind and not worry about class assignments.

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