Night classes provide an option for everyone

Mr. Lauffer’s Math 0310 class

By Amanda Garza
Pulse Staff Reporter

Night classes are often taken by older students who have day jobs and kids.

As this might be true for some people, others like taking night classes because they feel more comfortable in them or because no other classes fit their schedule.

Katelyn Vidrine, a sophomore Pre-Nursing major, said, “It’s better for those people who have day jobs.”

Then, with a big smile and her eyes facing toward the ceiling, she added, “Better than waking up at eight in the morning.”

Vidrine takes a Texas Government class at 7 in the evening that lasts until 9:45.

“They canceled my previous government class,” she said.

Sometimes these things happen, and when they do, night classes can definitely come through. Any of the core classes are available at night, including a range of other classes.

Jennifer Esquivel, a freshman Education major, takes an English class at night on a weekly basis.

“The teachers are more in-depth with people in the class and more relaxed,” said Esquivel.

She said that her reason for taking night classes is because of her day job. While some individuals are currently enrolled in night classes, others were once in them and want to take them again.

Anthony Pinales, a freshman Physics major, is a former night class student at Palo Alto.

“The college was really empty, and there was plenty of parking,” Pinales said.

Pinales said he would definitely take more night classes in the future.

“First reason is because of the relaxed environment. Second reason is because, in my experience, night students tend to be older and very serious about succeeding in college,” said Pinales.

Brazos Hall where Mr. Fonseca teaches.

Some people attend night classes, while others teach them. Professor Joseph M. Fonseca is an adjunct Political Science professor here at Palo Alto College. The professor has taught night classes since he began teaching 17 years ago. He said that his usual night students are ones that either have a day job or a family. He enjoys going to his night classes because, “I get a better reaction from the students.”

“They want an education,” Fonseca said with great passion.

Night classes are offered every semester for a broad range of subjects, including per-requisite classes. Night classes usually start at 5 p.m., 6 p.m. or 7 p.m. Some classes are once a week or twice a week while others are three days a week, so they can accommodate everyone’s schedule.

Whether you have a job, a family or just don’t feel like waking up too early, night classes are always an option for you.