Chelsea Irwin

Photo of Chelsea Irwin
Chelsea Irwin

By Kendra Wilkerson
Pulse Staff Reporter

Chelsea Irwin works a full-time job and attends Palo Alto College in San Antonio, Texas. Like any college student, she believes that school can get overwhelming, but you must make time to study and make time to relax.

Irwin balances going to school full time and working 40 hours a week in the accounting department at HEB’s corporate office.

“ I seem to have time to get all my work done,” she said.

When Irwin is not working her full time job, she is spending time in the library completing homework and reading for an upcoming class.

Even though she is busy, she finds time to have fun and visit with classmates.

“I like Palo Alto College,” she said. “It feels like a small high school.”

This semester, she is enrolled in an art class to fulfill the Fine Arts requirement for an associate’s degree. Irwin believes that the education that she is receiving at Palo Alto is rewarding, and she thinks that she has been academically prepared to transfer to a university.

Next fall, at Texas A&M University in College Station, she will enroll in upper-level classes to complete a Bachelor of Arts, concentrating on business accounting. After she graduates with her bachelor’s degree, she plans on advancing to a staff account position at HEB Corporate.

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