Christian Ruiz

photo of Christian Ruiz
Christian Ruiz

By Joseph Losoya
Pulse Staff Reporter

Palo Alto College has many fun and interesting people, and one of them is Christian Ruiz. He is a full-time student, but he also finds time to participate in a school club called The Table of Friendship. His involvement in the club has made his experience here at Palo Alto a fun one.

This is Christian’s second year of college, and his major is journalism and film. Christian wants to attend The University of Texas at Austin after he graduates from Palo Alto. This semester he is taking Intro to Mass Communication, Intro to Speech, Humanities II and Criminal Justice.

Christian is not only a college student, but he also works at a downtown restaurant called Texas de Brazil. He has worked there for two years, and his duty is meat carver. He likes his work and the unique skill of carving meat that his job has given him.

“I haven’t carved turkey yet but I want to this year,” said Ruiz.

He said downtown is his favorite part of San Antonio, and he likes how everything is walking distance. Ruiz is a middle child with an older brother who is 24 and a younger sister who is 10. When he has off time, he likes to play his Xbox. He has a wide variety of musical taste but ‘80s pop is one of his favorite genres.

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