Diane Lopez

Diane Lopez
Photo by Crystal C. Valentin

By Crystal C. Valentin
Pulse Staff Reporter

Diane Lopez is a Palo Alto student who will graduate this December 2014.

She is currently taking two classes at Palo Alto College plus two classes at Texas A&M-San Antonio for a bachelor’s in Communication and minor in Psychology.

“For graduation, I want mariachis at my party because I didn’t get mariachis at my wedding,” Lopez said.

Lopez met her husband at McCoy’s in December 2006, and they married in June 2008. Together they have one daughter named Lauryn Elizabeth Lopez, 6, and they are expecting their second child in February 2015.

Future plans include working in the public relations field with a firm to develop and grow companies with campaigns through social media and marketing.

“In completing my bachelor’s degree from Texas A&M. I also needed to attend a community college for Spanish and French, so I picked PAC because of its close proximity,” she explained.

Lopez highlighted her best professor. “I appreciate my French professor, Jesus Noriega, because he is funny and very attentive and willing to help students in the lab.”

“The easiest thing about school is that my schedule is really spread out so I have time in between to study.” Said Lopez.

Time management is important so she can get all of her stuff done before helping her daughter with homework after school.

“When I graduate I will miss staying home because I will have to go back to work and really don’t want to, I would rather stay home with my daughter and newborn.” Lopez admitted.


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