Geovanny Marlene Huerta

Photo of: Geovanny Marlene Huerta
Geovanny Marlene Huerta

By Violet Gonzales
Pulse Staff Reporter

Geovanny Marlene Huerta aspires to become a surgical attendant. To pursue her dream of becoming “the backbone of a surgeon,” she hopes to attend the University of the Incarnate Word after finishing up her associate’s degree at Palo Alto College.

After a stressful semester this past spring, Geovanny feels as though she can accomplish anything. With only 20 hours more to graduate, she feels determined to get done.

When Geovanny is not studying, she spends her free time with her boyfriend, Alex, who plays a big role in motivating Geovanny to give 100 percent effort in her education.

The biggest motivator in life is her mother, Eva, who crossed the river from Mexico three times, trying to make a better life in America for herself and Geovanny. The first time Eva crossed, she was caught and thrown in jail. The second attempt was successful. Eva stayed in the U.S. to make money and prepare for Geovanny’s arrival. Eva went back to Mexico again and brought 3-year-old Geovanny over to America in hopes of giving her a wonderful life of opportunity.

To Geovanny, her mom is her absolute role model. Because her mom went through so much to make a better life for the two of them, Geovanny strives to be the best and succeed.

“I just wanna make my mom proud,” she said.