Jamie Lynn Garcia

Jamie Lynn Garcia
Photo by Kendra Robinson

By Kendra Robinson
Pulse Staff Reporter

Returning Palo Alto student, Jamie Lynn Garcia, like any other student, was more than ecstatic to start the new school year!

This year, the ambitious 19 year old will be joining The National Society of Leadership and Success, Sigma Alpha Pi, where she plans on honing her true leadership skills.

In the spring, Garcia plans on graduating from Palo Alto College with an associate’s degree in Psychology.

As for her future plans, Garcia plans on transferring to Texas A&M-San Antonio to continue her studies in Psychology to receive her bachelor’s. From there, this goal-oriented, full-time student would like to broaden her education in the field and continue in school to receive her master’s and then continue even further with her education to receive a doctorate in Psychology.

Once her educational goals are met, Garcia is hopeful that she will go on to become a child psychologist. With all of these plans in mind and many years of education and training ahead, Garcia will be able to use all her knowledge to help those in need. Like many students and past alumni here at Palo Alto, Jamie Lynn Garcia, will definitely make her mark on this world.