Matthew W. Santos

By Twyla E. Herron
Pulse Staff Reporter

Photo by Twyla Herron
Photo by Twyla Herron

Matthew W. Santos, a 21-year-old Kinesiology major, is a previous Palo Alto student who has received his associate’s and has now moved on to Texas A&M San Antonio to receive his bachelor’s degree.

Santos is a full-time student, and he works part time with a family friend until he has time to dedicate himself to a proper work schedule. He has three sisters and enjoys educating them on living a healthier lifestyle.

When Santos is not studying or working, he enjoys going to the gym, reading or playing video games. He plans on owning his own fitness facility once he has gained more experience on how to work in a gym environment and has furthered his knowledge on how to better the body.

“Sometimes being healthy can be difficult,” said Santos. “I want to be someone who motivates people, someone who encourages them to be the best they can be.”