Mikaela Davis

By Justin Rodriguez
Pulse Staff Reporter

Mikaela Davis hopes to become a nurse in the future and give back to the community. Mikaela graduated from East Central High School. She currently works at Mission Trails Hospital on the South Side of San Antonio.

Davis would like to earn her associate’s degree, a bachelor’s degree and then go onto earn a master’s. Mikaela loves helping others, and she previously volunteered at a nursing home. Listening to the people in the nursing home and trying to understand where they came from really intrigued Mikaela.

When not in class or studying, Davis likes to play softball, volleyball and video games.

Davis’s motivation for school comes from “the people who told me I wasn’t going to make it, my little brother and my family,” she said.

Davis is a first-generation college student. Both of her parents started but did not finish college, which also inspires her to earn a degree in her field.

Davis would like to learn more about internship opportunities in San Antonio and surrounding areas. She said that helping people is something she enjoys doing.

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