Miriam Menchaca

Miriam Menchaca
Photo By: Ami Sarabia

By Ami Sarabia
Pulse Staff Reporter 

Miriam Menchaca is in her fourth semester at Palo Alto College, pursuing her dreams of becoming a nurse. Miriam recently became a new mother at the age of 21, raising her son with her fiancé. Miriam still finds a way to balance working, raising a baby and attending school.

“I want to take care of children because of my son,” Menchaca said. “He is my inspiration in everything I do.”

Balancing a busy life can be difficult, but it doesn’t stop Menchaca from wanting a better life for her and her son.

“I try to schedule everything I am going to do in a day,” she said. “I own a planner…it helps me be organized.”

Menchaca took two semesters off from school to be a mother, and Fall 2014 is her first semester back at Palo Alto College since she had her son.

“It was difficult for me, leaving my son and me coming back to school,” she said. “I cried a lot on the first day of class because I missed my son so much, but I knew I had to come back to school.”

Menchaca is  living her life as it comes.

“Having a child shouldn’t mean stopping your life,” she said. “If anything, it should be a motivation to better yourself, no excuses.”

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