Neriah Holly

Photo of Neriah Holly
Neriah Holly

By John Savoie
Pulse Staff Reporter

Neriah Holly, a current student at Palo Alto, was born in Norfolk, Virginia, in 1991. He is currently studying Architecture and hopes to graduate this December with an associate’s degree. Neriah wants to build one of the best skyscrapers in the world so that when everyone sees it, they will know who built it.

Neriah is currently engaged. He will get married on July 4, 2015. Holly is the oldest of four children. He moved to San Antonio just shortly after graduating from Norfolk Christian School, when his father accepted a job with the United States Air Force. He started his college career at Northwest Vista as well as San Antonio College. He wants to get his basics out of the way before enrolling at the University of Texas at San Antonio, where he wants to continue his education studying Architecture.

When Holly is not studying, he likes to go to the movies and play sports, like basketball. He also enjoys spending time with his family and especially his fiancée, who is the absolute love of his life. Holly is very active at his church, where he sings in the choir and is also a youth minister. His faith is very important to him. Holly believes we all have a place on this Earth, and that everyone is unique and talented in their own right.

Holly likes to make people feel special and will always have something positive to say. Holly also has a full-time job where he runs his own business, a company that is a website he runs and gets people to pay their utilities and cellar phone bills.