Alejandro Valdez

By Emily Castillo
Pulse Reporter

Alejandro Valdez–Alex to his friends–is a full- time college student at Palo Alto College. Valdez, an East Central High School graduate, is a Computer Science major.

Valdez stumbled upon that major after having an interest in different apps that are on most smart phones.

“Technology is growing, and it is the thing I am going to be good at throughout the years as it progresses and gets better,” he said.

After college, Valdez said he wants to join the Microsoft Company to create software programs for them. He has always taken more of an interest in Microsoft products since the Xbox. He said one of his favorite Microsoft products to hit the market has been the newest Xbox One gaming system.

Valdez has been at PAC for one year, and he said his favorite thing about the college is the professors.

“They push you to become a better student in the short amount of time we are there,” he said. “They want us to become better students when we go off to a university, so all the pushing really pays off in the end.”

In his free time, Valdez really enjoys watching his favorite shows on Hulu Plus and playing all kinds of video games on his Xbox One. He said his favorite game right now is “Destiny,” which is a new video game that had its debut on Sept. 8. He also likes to relax after a long day of school and homework to unwind.

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