Erica Alonzo

Student Profile Picture-Erica Alonzo

By Gabriel Perez
Pulse Student Reporter

Erica Alonzo is working on her degree in Psychology while working for the Harlandale Independent School District as a substitute teacher and AVID teacher.

She has been going to Palo Alto College now for three years, hoping to graduate with her degree in the spring of 2015.

As a full-time student and a full-time employee, she has enjoyed the convenience of being able to balance a flexible schedule while attending Palo Alto College.

Alonzo is a graduate of Harlandale High School. On top of working there now, she has vowed to finish her degree and give back to the community that helped her succeed to be the student she is today.

“Palo Alto has given me a great education along with different services always available to me whenever I need it,” she said. “I also love the small classes that help make communication with the professor more accessible and make my goals and aspirations important. 

Alonzo would like to have amenities that students pay for through their tuition and fees easier to access.

“Students who attend community colleges are mostly looking for a cheaper education while working full-time, even part-time jobs. With that being said, students’ jobs often have conflicting schedules that do not allow them access to all the amenities that are offered and paid for by the students of Palo Alto. The one thing that Palo Alto can do to improve its promise to help students is to have amenities available for all students to have access to,”  Alonzo said.

Alonzo hopes to achieve her dream job of working as a social worker for the community that helped her succeed with achieving her goals and aspirations.