Fun and cheap ways to blow off steam

By Gabriel Perez
Pulse Staff Reporter

Photo of Palo Alto College students enjoying the Mission Reach Hike and Bike Trail. Photo by Gabriel Perez.
Palo Alto College students enjoying the Mission Reach Hike and Bike Trail. Photo by Gabriel Perez.

Students all over know the struggle of living on a fixed budget, but what they do not know is that having fun is not as expensive as their MATH 1314 textbook.

College is pricey enough with books, tuition, room and board. Students everywhere find it hard to balance school while trying to have fun and enjoy the college experience. However, free apps are available that offer special discounts and event promotions that help you save up to 85 percent. Groupon is an interactive app where huge discounts are available for movies, bowling, spa days, nails and even shopping.

“Groupon saved me 75 percent on my nails, and I always go bowling with my friends using the app that offers great group rates and specials,” said Katherine Castillo, sophomore Psychology major.

Living Social can also be a great tool for students with bigger tastes, such as travel and road trips, fancy dinners and tours of attractions.

“My boyfriend showed me Living Social after surprising me with a five-day getaway to Las Vegas,” said Gracie Wilson, a sophomore Education major. “We have used it for dinner ideas and double dates with our friends.”

Your student ID can easily grant access to tons of discounts, such as reduced movie tickets, specials on bowling nights and various San Antonio attractions, like Ripley’s and the River Walk boat rides.

“As a struggling student myself at one point, I know exactly what it feels like to scrape quarters for cheap entertainment or having to put extra hours in at work for that special date,” said Bradley Smith, City Base Cinema business partner. “I wanted to create a fun and friendly place for all to enjoy, but I wanted it to be affordable to students looking to escape all-nighters and term papers because I know what it felt like, and we all just needed to blow off some steam.”

In addition to student ID discounts, many businesses offer various events and specials. For example, Main Event has a special on Mondays that includes unlimited wristbands for only $10. Various bowling locations, like Bandera Bowl and Ponderosa, offer special rates and black light specials after 10 p.m. to the general public.

Free entertainment is also available to adventure seekers like Luis Bravo, a sophomore Business Major.

“I like to explore the nature side of San Antonio in my free time, and I have learned to love the Mission Trail along the river along with exploring the missions around town and playing football with the guys at Espada Park,” said Bravo.

Netflix provides good basic fun for $8 a month for those special dates that include pizza and cuddling. It also offers sleepover opportunities for the girls to blow off steam and pine over Edward’s love for Bella.

“I use Netflix when I am feeling overwhelmed with school work or if I am tired and my girlfriend wants to hang out,” said Daniel Valadez, a Sophomore Criminal Justice major. “We just pick a movie and spend time together. It is a good, useful tool for stress and quick, lazy dates.”

Not enough students are educated on fun cheap things to do because schoolwork is consuming or job schedules conflict.

“If it were not for my sister, I would not be aware of all the fun stuff I could do on my minimum wage income, and it is sad because some students do not have an older brother and sisters to properly educate them on having fun and not being broke,” said Natalie Hernandez, a freshman Biology major.

As much research is put into school midterms and final projects, students should not find it hard to research fun and cheap ways to blow off steam and have fun.

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