PAC offers 27 clubs and organizations

By Gabriel Perez
Pulse Staff Reporter

Amanda Erika Reyes, Lilia A. Enriquez, Estephanie Rodriguez, Phillip Oberst, Juan Jose Higa, Vincent Arredondo and Carlos Montez at the Palo Alto College 2014 Holiday Lighting Ceremony
Amanda Erika Reyes, Lilia A. Enriquez,  Juan Jose Higa, and Carlos Montez at the Palo Alto College 2014 Holiday Lighting Ceremony representing the Palo Alto College Student Government Association. Photo via Palo Alto College Facebook Page.

Although Palo Alto College is a small local college, 27 clubs and organizations are at the ready for students wanting to get involved in extracurricular activities during their college career.

Much of the student body is not aware of the organizations, ranging from the Baptist Student Ministry to Future Educators of America. Some students believe that the active clubs and organizations are not properly marketed.

“The central issue is that these social media pages are not marketed or popular, and word of mouth does not always work between classes or even before or after classes,” said Andrea Miller, a sophomore Liberal Arts major. “Students have a lot to do and focus on. The best way to market is to get the word out about these social media pages by fliers or emails, something written as reminders.”

Palo Alto is full of diversity, and students only want the best for the future of their communities.

“I am an active member in my church group, and I am actually really interested in Mexican-American Studies as well as bike riding, reading and bowling,” said Amanda Rios, a sophomore Nursing major.

Rios was not aware that Palo Alto College had clubs and organizations associated with her interest in religion and Mexican-American Studies.

“We work on word of mouth method as well as have fliers set up in the Student Center, but we work more on letting people know in our classes and while walking around to classes,” said Araceli Martinez, a sophomore member of the Palo Alto College Forensic Science Club.

Jose Diaz, a freshman Vet Tech club member, said, “We let people know in our classes and at the Student Center but also release meeting times and information via social media.”

Students at Palo Alto College reap the benefits of networking with fellow students when engaging in these organizations. Students are academically prepared for their senior university but what they are not prepared for are the internships and networking tools that can be helpful after graduation.

“I wish I would have joined a club my first year rather than waiting so close to graduation because I feel like I would have had a better experience from it and gained better friendships,” said Reyna Hernandez, a sophomore Biology major.

For information on active clubs and organizations at Palo Alto College, visit the Student Life website. You will also find club descriptions and contact information. You may also contact the Student Life Office in the College Student Center (CSC), Room 124, or call the office directly at (210) 486-3125.

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