PAC raises recycling awareness with America Recycles Day

By Kendra Robinson
Pulse Staff Reporter

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On average, every American will typically produce up to 4.5 pounds of trash each day. Of that amount, nearly 3.37 pounds could be recycled. However, only 1.35 pounds is recycled.

On Nov. 13, Palo Alto’s very own COMM 2330: Intro to Public Relations students helped put together an entire event in the Student Center Annex to raise awareness about the importance of recycling at home, at school and at work.

America Recycles Day is an annual national event put together by local groups just like our students and faculty. At PAC’s event, students staged a well-choreographed Recycled Fashion Show and provided sustainability games and hands-on activities. A clothing and book swap took place, as well, along with a #PACrecyles photo booth and social media showcase.

Every person in the United States leaves an ecological footprint. Americans tend to have a much larger footprint than the rest of the world. Our one planet is intended to support 7 billion people. In America right now, people live as if five or more planet Earths are supporting them. Visit to assess your own impact on the Earth.

Children from the campus day care, The Ray Ellison Family Center, were brought over to be a part of this event. These children learned what is recyclable and what is not, and they also enjoyed a fun game of ring toss at the Table of Friendship.

Communications student Rosemary Rodriquez said, “This shows that the little kids are becoming more aware of what is going on.”

Before the Recycled Fashion Show, which was underwritten by Goodwill of San Antonio, Dr. Denise Barkis Richter was on stage doing a hands-on recycling activity to get the children involved in the event. Also, a Christian Youth group table set up by Biology Major Maria Guerrero asked for prayers for the environment.

Palo Alto student Joseph Losoya performed “Recycle, Recycle” as Versace. His performance may be viewed on Youtube. Palo Alto’s Mariachi, Jazz and Conjunto ensembles also performed at this 4-hour long event.

The Recycled Fashion Show, emceed by PAC student Kellie Alcozer, reminded students that even clothes can be recycled. Everyone can have name brands or trends they are looking for without spending a whole lot of money.

“I think this is really cool and interesting,” said an event attendee. “You don’t hear about this very often. Palo Alto is doing this to pull people together to learn more about recycling to save our Earth.”

America Recycles Day brings all Americans together to demonstrate their desire for a more sustainable future. For more information on Palo Alto College’s recycling program, contact Dr. Richter at (210) 486-3237.




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