Improve health, relieve stress on campus

PAC’s Fitness Center. Photo by Reyna Ochoa.

By Reyna Ochoa
Pulse Staff Reporter

PAC offers many fun ways for students to maintain a healthy lifestyle and reduce the stress created from classes, work and families.

PAC provides a Fitness Center, swimming pool, basketball court, tennis courts and track. This Spring 2015 semester, the campus has an Intramural College League. This includes workout challenges, basketball, indoor soccer, volleyball, dodgeball and flag football. These sports are available one day a week each, and only require 3 hours per activity to participate.

Alexis Lowe, assistant professor of Kinesiology, encourages students to use what’s on campus. Students can take advantage of elective classes, like Zumba, yoga, kickboxing and self-defense, that transfer to a four-year university. Lowe said it’s important to set a mental and physical life routine.

“Find the longest route to get to your next class instead of the shortest route. Little things like that would make a big difference,” she said.

Lowe said they do everything they can to inform students, so she asks students exactly how they want information to motivate them to become more involved on campus.

Edward Moreno, intramural/extramural specialist, said their goal is to get students to come to the Fitness Center and engage in intramural sports.

“We have a lot of sports they can join, and all you have to do really is be part of the community college,” Moreno said.

Intramural activities don’t overlap each other, and students can play more than one sport.

Elva Rios, a Physical Therapy major, is in her second semester at PAC. She plays on the basketball team.

“It’s not just an opportunity, it’s a privilege to play,” said Rios. “You got to start somewhere, and you never know where you can go.” Rios said she would like to play softball, soccer and track, if the campus had those teams available.

Andres Cruz, a Kinesiology major, works at the campus gym. Cruz said to keep himself in shape and release stress, he plays flag football.

“Don’t be afraid of trying out something new,” Cruz said. “Students have options to get involve into sports and a healthy lifestyle.”

Brittany Flores is a powerlifter who works at the Fitness Center. She helps students get started on a 15-minute workout routine, like cardio, running, walking and pretty much anything that students want to do. Flores gets you started with baby steps, depending on student’s wants and needs.

“Try once a week, and if you like it, keep it up. Make appointments to come by, changing out routines. Something easy, fun and convenient,” Flores said.

All PAC students are welcome. You only need your student ID card. The Fitness Center/Gymnasium hours are Monday-Friday, from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m.; Monday-Thursday, from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.; and Fridays from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.