Learn life skills while helping others

By Cassie Hernandez
Pulse Staff Reporter

chernandezWhen the spring semester starts, most students are counting down the days until a well-deserved Spring Break. Of course you and your friends can plan trips to the coast or an amusement park, but have you ever thought of spending Spring Break by giving back?

Community service is highly recommended for future job opportunities. Raza Shahead, manager at the Hyatt Regency in San Antonio, said seeing some sort of community service on a resume can make a huge difference in the employee selection process.

“I am always having to do interviews, and I see a lot of resumes. What helps me to pick a top candidate is something that stands out on their resume, like volunteering of some kind. It shows their willingness to get out there and help. When I see that, I know that they will achieve great things in our corporation,” he said.

A lot of students do not know of all the community service opportunities out there but would love to have the options.

PAC has a volunteer group on campus called PAC Gives Back. On Saturday, March 7, 2015, they are hosting a volunteer opportunity. To learn more about PAC Gives Back, log onto alamo.edu/pac/gives-back-form or drop by the Student Activities office in the Student Center, Room 124.

Rick Venegas, president of the Tri-Beta National Biological Honor Society at PAC, recommends community service. Venegas had an opportunity to travel to the Canary Islands where he helped categorize patient severity.

“I definitely recommend it,” Venegas said. He believes that if a bigger spectrum of opportunities had to do with a student’s major, students would be more likely to get involved.

Ashlie Campos, a sophomore at PAC, said that she already has plans for Spring Break but maybe next year she will think about community service. She said it could be difficult for some students to find a place to do community service. Having a conflicting work schedule, school schedule, kids and transportation issues could play a part in not getting involved.

Giving back during Spring Break can do more for you than you think. Linda Hernandez, a Biology major, said she always tries to give back every chance she gets.

“Not only does giving back work for you in multiple ways, it also just makes you feel good,” she said.

Hernandez volunteered at the past few Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure Breast Cancer Walks, and she will continue to find other opportunities to give back all she can.

Community service can also be very fun. To help find the best option for you, log on to volunteermatch.org. Here are a few places to keep in mind this Spring Break:

  1. Ronald McDonald Houses
  2. San Antonio Humane Society
  3. Parks and Recreation Department for the City of San Antonio.
  4. The San Antonio Food Bank
  5. Habitat for Humanity
  6. San Antonio AIDS Foundation
  7. Fiesta San Antonio Commission
  8. Haven for Hope
  9. Rape Crisis Center
  10. Animal Defense League

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