Balancing work and school a challenge

By Victoria Martinez
Pulse Staff Reporter

According to the college’s most recent Fact Book, 18.3 percent of Palo Alto’s students are enrolled full-time and 81.7 percent are part-time. Many students work full-time and attend school part-time.

Rosa Rosales is studying for an exam.

Toni Rizo, a sophomore Teaching Early Childhood major, works as a Pharmacy Care Representative at HEB and helps customers with their medication. She attends school on Tuesdays and Thursdays then works on the other days. Her schedule is exactly the same every week.

“I don’t really have a social life, and I don’t go out too often,” said Rizo.

Rizo mentioned that HEB is very school-friendly employer because they will work around your school schedule giving you more time to focus on assignments for classes.

Yazmin Luevanos, a sophomore Education major, works as a Customer Loyalty Representative at Opotun. She provides customers affordable loans. She said that she enjoys serving at her local church when she has time away from work and school.

“It’s difficult trying to have a social life. I can honestly say that it’s really not a huge priority. I’ll put my class work and job first,” said Luevanos.

If students have a difficult time finding time for family and friends, what about homework, projects and essays?

Rosa Rosales, a sophomore Speech Communication major, works about 30 hours per week as a server at a golf course/restaurant. She said that her job is school-friendly, and her manager works around her class schedule.

“I do my class work during my lunch break at work,” said Rosales.

Students who are working and attending could face challenges.

Jorge Razo, a sophomore Digital Art major, has a small family-owned business called Sign Shop. Razo and his family make publicity for local businesses in San Antonio.

“It’s challenging at time when work and school deadlines overlap…I focus more when I’m under pressure,” said Razo.

Razo said one of the reasons why he has to work is because he pays for his own classes at Palo Alto College.

When finding a company to work for, a student should find out if the company will work around his or her school schedule.

One student-friendly employee is Chipotle. Employees are reimbursed 90 percent of their tuition, books and fees. In order to be eligible for this, an employee must have 12 months of continuous employment.

In addition to HEB and Chipotle, Chick-fil-A, Bill Miller’s, McDonalds, Starbucks, call centers and campus work-study positions are other student-friendly employers.