Extramural Sports back in action

Emilee Almazan guarded by two of St. Philip’s defenders.

By Joshua Porterie
Pulse Staff Reporter

After more than three years of absence, Palo Alto College has extramural sports programs, both basketball and volleyball, back and in full force.

Student athletes are some of the busiest students on campus. While trying to focus on school, work and sports, they have a lot on their plate.

“My expectations for our student athletes on campus are high,” said Edward Moreno, PAC Extramural Specialist. “A lot of the program has to do with time management. I mean they have work, they have school, sports and relationships outside of all of that. They have to do all of that, plus what is given to them. It’s tough.”

Time management is not just for the players, but for the coaches,
as well. Not every coach’s job is just coaching a PAC team. These men and women have other duties outside of Palo Alto athletics, but they take time out of their busy schedules to volunteer and help out the PAC community.

“For me, things work out pretty well,” said Emilee Almazan, a sophomore English major and Women’s Basketball guard. “Coach Daniel works with everyone’s work schedules and class schedules. It’ll get a lot more tougher once the season comes around, but if you love the game, you should find a way to push through it.”

Palo Alto College also has a Men’s Basketball program. They are determined to bounce back from last year’s horrific 5-13 season.

Francisco Martinez pulls from deep on a Lakeview defender.

“Last year we only won about four, five games. A lot of one-point losses, two-point losses, and in overtime,” said Francisco Martinez, a sophomore Kinesiology major and Men’s Basketball guard. “This season, I expect for us to go undefeated and win the whole tournament, and I feel like we can and we will.”

The total try-outs for the Men’s Basketball team was 29 students, with only 12 spots open. On the other side, Women’s Basketball had 15 students try out, and the team only kept 10 roster spots. PAC’s volleyball team had 13 female students try out, and 12 made the team.

“When I was a student here, before the volleyball program died out, there was a couple of girls on the team who got recruited out to four-year schools,” said Moreno. “And in the past couple of years I’ve been here, students come in and ask if we have volleyball. Now that we do have it, I’m excited to see how it turns out.”

In the past, PAC Volleyball had a very good run, with the last team taking the Texas Collegiate Club Sports League Championship in 2012.

Men’s and Women’s Basketball are underway, and Women’s Volleyball will start Oct. 22, 2015. Home basketball games are every Wednesday. The Women’s Basketball team tip-off is at 6 p.m., and the Men’s Basketball team tip-off is at 8 p.m. Volleyball home games are every Thursday at 7 p.m. All sporting events cost $3 for non-students but are free to students with your Palo Alto ID.