PAC students express their style

By Victoria Martinez
Pulse Staff Reporter

It’s that time of year to throw bathing suits, shorts, tank tops and flip flops into the back of the closet and to find your scarves, coats, gloves and warm boots.

Students at Palo Alto College are getting ready for this change in climate, so finding out where and how students put together their outfits is of interest to many.

Felicia Leon, a sophomore Human Physiology major, enjoys buying her clothing at Rue21, Victoria’s Secret and Target. Leon describes her style as comfortable, simple and cozy.

“I would prefer a pair of Victoria’s Secret sweatpants over a pair of skinny jeans because they’re so much more comfortable,” said Leon.

She likes dressing comfortable for school days, but if she goes out for a girl’s night with her friends, she adores a party dress and loves a great pair of heels.

“Your outfit of the day depends on where you are going and who you will be with,” said Leon.

Leon’s grandmother taught her how to make skirts ever since she was a little girl. She uses lots of material that features different patterns and colors. Leon’s favorite types of material to use are dark colors, animal print, floral and chevron.

She loves making her own skirts at home with material bought from Michael’s and Walmart. She has made five skirts costing her less than $10 for the material used for all five.

“Learn how to sew. It will save you money in your pocket,” she said.

Celebrities, family members or friends may give you some pointers or ideas to create your own sense of style.

Rosa Rosales, a sophomore Speech Communications major, has a type of style that’s inspired by well-known actress, singer and fashion designer Selena Gomez. Rosales also said she loves television personality and model Kourtney Kardashian’s eye-catching outfits.

“I love dressing edgy, but I would say a business and casual type of style is my favorite,” said Rosales.

Rosales mentioned that she has a style centered around comfort but with a little edge added to it.

Yazmin Luevanos, a sophomore Education major, loves to accessorize her outfit of the day. Big watches, matching handbags and statement necklaces are her go-to items.

“I really enjoy wearing James Avery because each piece of jewelry has a meaning behind it,” said Luevanos.

Luevanos said when the weather starts getting colder outside, she adores wearing leg warmers, also known as boot cuffs, inside her boots to keep her warm.

Jorge Razo, a sophomore Digital Art major, mentions his sense of style is vintage and classy. He enjoys button up shirts, a pair of dark jeans and some cowboy boots.

“I dress to impress everywhere I go. You will never know who you might run into,” said Razo.

Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter are helpful social media sources to find ideas to create your own sense of style. These sources provide information about latest trends and examples of those trends. These sources are available on every smartphone, tablet and computer.

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