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Students at a university hold a sign calling all transfer students.

By Jessica Martinez
Pulse Staff Reporter

Transferring to another college can be stressful, especially if you are unsure the process. Universities have all the information you need on their websites for you to make the right decision.

“From my perspective, the most important thing to consider in selecting a university is ‘fit,’” said Sam Gonzales, the vice president for Student Affairs at The University of Texas at San Antonio “’Fit’ is about the institution having a strong program in your major, having a student engagement culture that enhances fun and learning outside the classroom and a strong alumni network that helps the Career Center create pathways into the world of work.”

Finding a university that fits your needs is important. Also be aware of which universities are known for your major. After graduating, you want employers to be in awe of where you obtained your degree. If you want to get involved at a university, find one that has events and activities.

“Campus tours are very important,” said Daniel Rendon, an academic advisor at Texas A&M University at San Antonio’s College of Business. “Besides the obvious of showing the facilities and buildings around the campus, students get exposed to what their lives could potentially look like in short months.”

All colleges offer tours. All you have to do is look on the website and schedule a time convenient for you. Do not judge a school based on pictures in their brochure or what you see on their website. It is always best to see it for yourself.

“An important thing for me when I transferred was tuition,” said Jorge Martinez, an alumni of Palo Alto College who is now attending Texas A&M-San Antonio as an Early Education major. “I needed a university that was affordable for my wife and I, that I could attend and not worry if I was going to be able to make my school payment.”

Tuition is an important thing to consider. Scholarships and Financial Aid is always available to those who apply. Universities post the cost of attending on their websites. It is important to remember what your budget is when deciding on a university. An easy way to find the information is to type the university’s name followed by tuition into a search engine.

“Do your research of all institutions,” said Rendon.

It is important to research all opportunities available to decide which university best suits you and your needs. Explore your options at all colleges. All universities offer something different, and it is important that you do the research to find a university that will make you feel at home. An advisor at PAC and at any university is available to help you make the right decision.

Make sure you have all the information needed to pick the school that best suits your needs. Advisors from different universities are often in the Student Center during the day to answer any questions you may have.

Help is always available. If you are unsure what opportunities universities offer, remember to consider all possibilities. Once you complete your associate’s degree, transfer somewhere that will help you better yourself and your future.

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