Students IDs make students VIPs

By Kevin M. Johnson
Pulse Staff Reporter

Photo of a Student ID in front of an Alamo Colleges tablecloth

The student ID gives students many benefits that they can use on and off campus during their college careers.

All Palo Alto students should obtain their student ID as soon as they enroll in their first semester. The card contains the student’s picture and their Banner ID.

Students may pick up these cards for free the first time or request a new one for $10 if their card is lost or stolen at the Testing/Assessments Office, located in Brazos Hall, Room 100.

“The Student ID is beneficial because of the Banner ID on it. It helped me memorize my Banner ID number, and it’s also great for discounts at certain stores,” said Samantha Jasso, a freshman English major.

A good example is Taco Cabana and Alamo Drafthouse. Taco Cabana offers a 20 percent discount to students. After 6 p.m. every day, the Westlakes, Park North and Stone Oak Alamo Drafthouse locations offer students a $7 movie ticket.

Students can use their IDs for discounts at participating restaurants. Arby’s, Subway and Burger King give you 10 percent off the entire meal while Chick-Fil-A and Chipotle give you a free soft drink when you purchase any item. Students may also receive a discount for Spurs and Rampage tickets depending on what sale the box office is running.

More benefits include a free VIA bus pass and free admission to the McNay Art Museum, San Antonio Museum of Art and the Institute of Texan Cultures. Students also enjoy a 10 percent or more discount on Microsoft products and a $49 Amazon Prime membership, which is half off the regular price and is good for one year from the purchase date.

Students may pick up the VIA pass at the Bursar’s Office in the Palomino Center, Room 115. The first pass is free to students and $35 for a replacement if it is lost or stolen. It is only valid during fall and spring semesters.

Roy Flores, a sophomore at Palo Alto majoring in Business Administration, said, “I always carry my student ID on me because I never know what I am going to need it for.”

Alamo Colleges advises students to always carry their student ID for issues such as forgetting your Banner ID number, needing to check in at different locations on campus and also using it for discounts.

Angelica Garcia, a freshman Kinesiology major, uses her ID for many things.

“I use my ID to check in at the Fitness Center, library and tutoring labs. I also use it to rent books and cubbies in the library,” said Garcia.

Students should also keep their contact information updated through ACES. This can be done by selecting the My Pages tab then selecting each link for Personal Information to edit it. If classes have to be cancelled because of bad weather or some emergency is taking place on campus, students will be notified via text and email, but only if the correct personal information has been updated.

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