New advising system helps students graduate

By Beverley Garcia
Pulse Staff Reporter

List of Palo Alto advisers and there assigned majors

College students have a lot on their plate in choosing their major, deciding how many classes to take and if they want to transfer to another college or university. When they have these decisions to make, advisers are there to help.

Palo Alto College’s advisers are there for students in their freshman year, in the year they plan to graduate and also when they need to transfer to another institution. Students are able to call and set up an appointment with their adviser to figure out what classes are required for their planned major and to register for graduation.

Advisers hold the knowledge to help guide students to succeed in their degree and also suggest what opportunities or programs are available to them.

“I feel that people should go to their advisers more often. They are here for you,” said Elaida Martinez, a freshman Chemistry major.

“You want to go in there knowing what you’re going to ask,” said Brian Flores, a sophomore Criminal Justice major. He recommends being prepared with questions so that the advisers can help.

Both Martinez and Flores believe that their advisers are helpful and do reach out by email and/or voicemail to keep them on the path of completing their degree and graduating.

The STEM Advising Center is for students who are studying in a science, technology, engineering and a math field. The SEED Advising Center is for those who are studying education, criminal justice, kinesiology, social work and sociology. PAC also offers BOLD advisers, who are focused on majors for business, aviation, logistics, psychology, and other technical degrees and certificates.

Another advising center is for Veterans Affairs that directly advises any student who is receiving VA benefits or Hazlewood Exemptions. TRiO Student Support Services is for low-income or first-generation students. Disability Support Services and faculty advisers are also available.

“You need to have a bachelor’s degree and experience working with students,” said Aracely Bowling, a certified adviser with Palo Alto College. “Our advisers are very dedicated individuals and do care about students.”

She said that advisers help students individually in completing their degrees and keeping them on the right route to accomplishing their goals.

Each adviser handles 350 students. Advisers have many duties to fulfill: keeping student information up to date, monitoring students if they are failing or having troubles in their classes, doing degree audits for students completing their degree and more.

Students may call to set up an appointment with their adviser, or they may walk in between 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. at the Palomino Center. Email is another method students may use to communicate with their adviser.

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