Presidential election around the corner

By Victoria Wilson
Pulse Staff Reporter

presidential-election-1336480_960_720With the 2016 Presidential Election six months away, registered voters have to choose the candidate who best represents their values, which is easier said than done.

Anthony Benavides, a PAC graduate, supports U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders the most.

“Sanders has a spent his entire political career working toward reformation of our failed democratic system. He puts the people before himself,” said Benavides. “Although his ideas are wild and far-fetched, he means well. He’s very well spoken, articulate and seems genuine, unlike the other candidates. Of the two Democratic candidates, I feel that Hillary Clinton has the best shot at winning because of the large amount of news coverage she receives. Many of her votes are coming from people who are voting for her solely because of the fact that she is a woman.”

Sanders describes himself as Democratic Socialist. He stands with things like launching universal, government-provided health care. Sanders voted for the Affordable Care Act, but he believes that the new health care law did not go far enough. He’s for raising income tax rates for those making over $250,000 along with taxing capital gains.

Clinton, a candidate for the Democratic nomination, was once First Lady, a U.S. Senator and Secretary of State. She stands with making public college debt-free. She proposes a “New College Compact” that would make community college free and allow students to attend public four-year colleges debt-free. Clinton wants to give the government a role in setting insurance rates and to expand Obamacare.

Stefany Cevallos, a current PAC student also “Feels the Bern.” For her, all the positive energy coming from the Bernie Sanders campaign is what gives her hope.

“The most exciting thing about Bernie Sanders is the amount of love and hope coming from his campaign. I’m a supporter and advocate for someone who believes in setting higher standards for a country that values freedom and prosperity for its citizens, new and old. Bernie…reawakens my belief for a future where my people can make it, too. On a scale of 1-10 against Donald Trump, I’m hella nervous.”

Donald John Trump is an American businessman and candidate for the Republican nomination. His student loan debt plan is to improve the job market so borrowers will be able to make their payments rather than using their deferment and forbearance. Trump’s health care plan is titled “Healthcare reform to make America Great Again.” It would repeal Obamacare, causing almost 21 million people to lose their health insurance coverage.

Not everybody has chosen who they are going to back; however, one future PAC student, Adrienne Vail, said that she isn’t comfortable voting.

“We all know who’s going to win. Besides, my Democratic vote never counts living here in Texas,” said Vail.

The deadline to register to vote in the Nov. 8 presidential election is Tuesday, Oct. 11. For more information on how to register to vote and where to vote, go to

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