You know you’re a Palo Alto student because…

Photo of folklorico dancers at PACfest 2016.

By COMM 2305: Editing class
Pulse staff editors


10) You’ve stood in line for free Mama Margie’s tacos.

Photo by Andrew Valdez

9) You’ve learned mariachi songs because mariachis are always on campus.

Photo by Katelynn Garcia

8) You can eat enchiladas every day in the cafeteria.

Photo by Peter Maciel

7) You’ve taken a selfie with Primo.

Primo, PAC’s mascot, with Emanuel Nyong, a PAC student who is the current student representative on the ACCD Board of Trustees and a member of PAC’s Student Government Association.

6) You’ve seen a girl with a bird on her head.

Photo by Denise Richter

5) You’ll find a recycle bin next to every trash can.

Photo by April Alfaro

4) You’ve sped down 410 to make it to class on time.

Photo by Peter Maciel

3) Your closet is filled with PAC t-shirts.

Photo by Peter Maciel

2) Your Student Center snacks cost more than a convenience store.

Photo by Angelica Avila

1) Your annual school carnival is an official Fiesta event.

Photo by Peter Maciel
Photo by Peter Maciel

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