Alyssa De La O

Alyssa_De La O

By Isaiah Alonzo
Pulse Staff Editor

The March 2017 issue of The Pulse is the seventy-fifth issue published since the Fall of 1998. We asked former reporters and editors to let us know where they are now, their favorite Palo Alto memories, and what advice they would give to current students.

Alyssa M. De La O attended Palo Alto College from Fall 2011 through Summer 2013. After graduating from PAC, she attended Texas A&M University-San Antonio, where she received her bachelor’s degree in Journalism with a minor in English. Currently, De La O works as a writing tutor at PAC and as a tutor at South San High School.

Her time spent writing for The Pulse helped her in more ways than one.

“I have benefited from this experience by learning how to communicate effectively with a diverse amount of people, whether it is with higher authority or a public official,” said De La O. “Even though I have a desire for journalism and English, I think I always knew that I would hold the positions I do now. My main goal after I graduated was to inspire students to see the beauty in education, give them the confidence they need to accomplish their goals whatever they may be, and to help my community through education on the South Side of San Antonio.”

In addition to writing and editing, De La O is a singer and musician who plays multiple instruments. She sang the national anthem at Palo Alto College’s 2014 graduation.

My advice to current students would be to look for internships as soon as possible. It gives you the opportunity to find the direction you want to go in with your major and gives you the chance to meet people in your field for future reference. Secondly, would be to network as much as you can. In the workforce, I have learned that in order to get the job it is not what you know, it is who you know.