Campus clubs offer leadership experiences

By Daniella I. Aldaco
Pulse staff reporter

Photo by Palo Alto College Public Relations

Palo Alto offers a variety of clubs that students may take part in to build their resume, network and improve their leadership skills while forming lasting friendships.

At the beginning of the spring semester, Palo Alto College held an event called Club Rush, where students were able to ask members of the clubs for more information about joining.

Students join clubs to interact with fellow students and for their own personal development.

“I really wanted to learn more about the principles and factors that go into being a leader and all the lessons I learned from it, they really helped me grow academically and personally,” said Steven King, a freshman who is the academic success officer for the Student Government Association, an organization that is the voice of the students. Concerns/issues are brought to SGA’s attention so the members might address them.

Time management in college can be difficult with so much free time compared to high school. King believes free time is detrimental to a person’s routine.

Joining a club comes with travel opportunities. Last semester the Somos MAS organization took a trip to Austin to protest a racist textbook that was being considered for Texas History. One of the general purposes of this cultural organization is to promote activism.

“The week before, we were painting picket signs. It was really amazing. They invited us to go up to where the board was doing the hearing. We got to shake hands with the people who represent us for the Texas Board of Education, and I actually got a few phone numbers,” said Yuritzi Perez, a senior at Texas A&M University San Antonio who is a Somos MAS member.

Joining organizations provides opportunities to meet important people who can potentially impact a student’s life.

For some students, they have built lifelong friendships in clubs with members who share a common interest.

“I came in here with no friends at all, and now I go out more. We go to museums. You do make great friendships when you join,” said Fernanda Hernandez, a sophomore who is Somos MAS’ president.

Clubs also bring academic benefits to students in different ways.

“I also met people who have given me scholarships. When I bring up Somos MAS and say that I’m president, that’s mainly the part that I tell them, and it opens so many doors for you when you join organizations like this,” said Hernandez.

Palo Alto currently has 22 active clubs to join. They include Ambassadors of Business, Club Earth, Club STAND, Delta Sigma Omicron, Destino, Drama Club, Future Educators of America, Horticulture Club, Logistics Club, Lone Star Ag Club, National Society of Leadership/Success, Palomino Alliance Coalition, Phi Theta Kappa, Puente Club, Shutterbugs Photography Club, Sigma Alpha Pi, Society of Future Engineers, Somos MAS, Student Government Association, Student Veterans Organization, To Dye For Cosmetology Club, and Tri-Beta Biological.

Each of these organizations has its own page on OrgSync, an easily accessible website found on each student’s ACES account under the student tab. This website acts almost as a Facebook for the organizations, where it keeps students updated on upcoming events.

Get involved! Find a club of your interest and put your social and leadership skills to work.

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