Jessica Tomasini Martinez

By Estefania Flores
Pulse Staff Editor

The March 2017 issue of The Pulse is the seventy-fifth issue published since the Fall of 1998. We asked former reporters and editors to let us know where they are now, their favorite Palo Alto memories, and what advice they would give to current students.

Jessica Martinez attended Palo Alto College from Fall 2009-Spring 2016. She is currently employed as a bank teller in San Antonio, Texas. Martinez said she benefited from working with The Pulse by becoming more confident in her writing. Martinez also met her husband while attending Palo Alto College. She said her favorite memory was “making friends in classes.”

“My goal was to become a journalist, but after a lot of reevaluating, I am happy with where I am going and will always be able to use what I learned from my classes at PAC,” she said. Martinez has now begun to take classes toward a paralegal certification.

Don’t be afraid to do what you love, even if you’ve been told there is not a future in it. It feels good to take classes toward something you know you will love doing for the rest of your life. Also, make the best of your time at PAC. Make friends, get out of your comfort zone, try new things. College only happens once so make it________.

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