Joseph Losoya

The March 2017 issue of The Pulse is the seventy-fifth issue published since the Fall of 1998. We asked former reporters and editors to let us know where they are now, their favorite Palo Alto memories, and what advice they would give to current students.

By Daniella I. Aldaco
Pulse Staff Editor 


Joseph Losoya has a heart for spreading happiness all over the campus of Texas State, his current institution of higher learning.

Losoya started a group at Texas State called the Bubble Believers. The purpose of the group is creating a friendly environment for students through the positivity of blowing bubbles.

“My favorite memories were enjoying my free time in the Student Center with my fellow Palominos and going to whatever events that Palo Alto hosted,” Losoya wrote. If he had PAC to do over, “I would try to be more active with the Veterans Affairs, since I am one.”

Writing for The Pulse helped Losoya build his resume and improve his writing skills. Losoya has made the Dean’s List every semester at Texas State. He will graduate with his bachelor’s degree this summer.



Be active by joining a group or start one yourself. Enjoy as many of the events the college puts out, and embrace the student life at Palo Alto.


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