Priscilla Degollado

By Ryan Ozuniga
Pulse Staff Editor

The March 2017 issue of The Pulse is the seventy-fifth issue published since the Fall of 1998. We asked former reporters and editors to let us know where they are now, their favorite Palo Alto memories, and what advice they would give to current students.

Priscilla Degollado attended Palo Alto from Fall 2009 through Spring 2014. She currently works as a foster care assistant, a VP in training at a drywall company, and she travels, which is a dream come true for her. Degollado will graduate with her bachelor’s in Journalism this May 2017 from Texas A&M-San Antonio. Her fondest PAC memory was when she took a Maymester newswriting course with Dr. Richter to DC and NYC and her writing for The Pulse.

“It definitely helped me gain a new writing experience and helped me learn the way the news works,” Degollado wrote. “It especially came in handy when I was taking an internship class at Univision.”

Never give up!!! I have been in school non-stop since I graduated from high school in 2009, and there have been so many times where I just wanted to drop out of school because it was so hard, especially when I started the [bachelor’s] program at Texas A&M-San Antonio. I was dealing/juggling a lot of stuff at once and a lot of the time it was extremely overwhelming. Thankfully, I have an amazing support group of friends and family who didn’t let me give up. And I’m glad that I didn’t give up because looking at all of it now, it was so worth it!