Thomas Williams


By Ryan Ozuniga
Pulse Staff Editor

The March 2017 issue of The Pulse is the seventy-fifth issue published since the Fall of 1998. We asked former reporters and editors to let us know where they are now, their favorite Palo Alto memories, and what advice they would give to current students.

Thomas Williams studied at Palo Alto from Spring 2005 through Spring 2007. He completed a Bachelor of Applied Arts and Science in Christian Studies while running his own radio show. Williams also began working on a Master of Arts in Media Communication at Dallas Theological Seminary.

“I took a detour and did a 17-month auto and diesel program. After that, I began working in the Repair Lab for an R/C manufacturer and eventually moved into Marketing as a copywriter. I held the copywriter position for almost three years. I remember being excited and emailing Dr. Richter about it. Over the past few years, I wrote several issues of the company’s magazine, interviewed professional off-road racers, wrote press releases, website content, YouTube descriptions, scripts, and even did some technical writing for instruction manuals. The most notable accomplishment(s) would probably be connecting and working with Dude Perfect and The Slow Mo Guys,” Williams wrote. “I’ve always been called a ‘jack of all trades, master of none.’ Unfortunately, the copywriter position I held was dissolved, and I had to move on. I’ve been blessed with an opportunity to try something new and different, but I still enjoy the creative process of writing.”

He continued, “My experience at The Pulse helped me develop a critical eye when reading everything from papers to web articles. Even lessons from doing layout have stuck with me. Trips to the grocery store often result in analyzing the newspapers and magazines when checking out. Some habits just don’t go away.”

  • Use your words and time wisely. Study well and realize that people are important. Some relationships and connections may only be relevant while at PAC, but there will, I hope, be some that will stay with you long after you graduate.
  • The staff and faculty at PAC are rare. They care about you as a student, but they care more about you as a person. I dare you to ask questions and to connect with them as people.
  • There is something unique and special about PAC, and you’re part of it.