PAC students help with Hurricane Harvey relief

By Abigail Carrasco
Pulse Staff Reporter

Aftermath of Hurricane Harvey in Rockport, Texas.
Aftermath of Hurricane Harvey in Rockport, Texas.

Texas was recently hit with one of the worst storms it’s ever seen.

On August 24, 2017, Harvey, a Category 4 Hurricane, destroyed homes and businesses along the coast, ravaging Rockport, Fullton, Port Aransas, Galveston, Houston, Port Arthur and more.

Students at Palo Alto came together and formed a donation station and set up tents next to the gym for anyone who had anything to help the families who were affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Freshman Nursing major Natallie Serna said, “I feel for everyone affected by the hurricane. It was such a tragedy seeing all the images shown on the news, but it was also a blessing to have had my family over here visiting all before the hurricane touched down in Rockport. I’m donating a couple of can food items for the people out there left with no food, also a couple of waters and diapers for the infants and babies. I know everyone out there will appreciate anything and everything that could help.”

Sophomore Engineering major Vincent Byishimo said, “It’s great seeing so many students and families coming out and getting together to help the victims of this catastrophe. I have donated many things, and I’m glad others are donating, too.”

Freshman Early Childhood Development major Melanie Casto said, “Hurricane Harvey was something I never thought would happen in Texas. I was watching the news every day, and it seemed to me that not even the newscast knew what was going on and how to track the storm. It’s very sad seeing what happened to Houston because the storm hit really hard there, and Houston isn’t very far from San Antonio, so I feel a little lucky we just got a couple showers here but nothing major. I had a lot of water bottles here at home when everyone was going crazy swiping all the water bottles and bread off the shelves of the HEBs, so I’m here donating them for those who need these waters the most.”

According to the National Weather Service, Hurricane Harvey was the first major hurricane to strike the Texas Coast since 1970. Storm surges were more than 12 feet above ground level at the Aransas Wildlife Refuge. Nederland, Texas, experienced 60.58 inches of rain. Port Aransas clocked 132 mph winds. Other places such as Louisiana, Honduras, and Belize were also hit by Hurricane Harvey.

Harvey is a storm that will not be forgotten.



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