Staying on top of things is key to college success

By Phillip Aycock
Pulse Staff Reporter

Improving your grades is a very big factor in college success. Students’ grades are the deciding factor whether that person graduates on time or if that person graduates a semester later or even a whole school year later.

Many students go through adversity with their grades in college; those who have a focused mindset, willpower to study harder, take better notes in class, ask more questions and get more help if needed will most likely come out of the hole they’re in with their grades.

Billy McWilliams, a College Algebra professor here at Palo Alto, recommends seeking an experienced mentor, preferably an adult, who can help you in the subject you are struggling in.

“Try and be in a good environment and hang around people that give off nothing but positive energy,” McWilliams said.

Robin Gara, a tutor in the INRW Writing Center, said to learn from your mistakes.

“Study on a regular basis instead of trying to cram information the night before. Also, staying in contact with your professors and talking to them about failed assignments is important,” Gara said.

Attendance is also a huge factor in improving your grades.

“Going to class is important to stay up to date on information,” said Gara.

Time management is one of the most important factors for improving your grades. Without time management, school will absolutely be a huge mess. Lack of time management causes you to be unorganized and add unnecessary stress, which leads students to fail and then to quit school as a result.

Andrew Jimenez, a sophomore majoring in Mass Communications here at Palo Alto, highly suggests that students should study a lot more and use the campus’ resources to be successful.

A $1 day planner/calender from a nearby dollar store is a very good investment. This will help you keep up with all of your major assignments, quizzes and exams.

“Go to the labs, put it in the most time and effort as you can and get as much help as you can from the tutoring services,” Jimenez said.

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