PAC’s December graduates begin new chapter

By Abigail Carrasco
Pulse Staff Reporter

PAC’s cap and gown. Photo by Felicity Valdez.

Graduation is the day everyone hopes comes fast. It’s one step closer to a dream career that makes someone feel accomplished in life, and it is a milestone that no one can take away. More than 400 Palo Alto College students achieved this educational milestone through hard work and persistence.

The December 2017 graduates at Palo Alto are beyond excited to finally be done with this part of their life. Some graduates have been at PAC for more than two years because of the developmental classes they took, so graduation is quite an accomplishment. Although students are graduating in December, they will not walk the stage until Spring 2018. A dinner for the graduates and their families took place in the Palo Alto College Gymnasium on Dec. 7.

Gerald Saldaña, sophomore Early Childhood Development major, said, “My plan after graduation is to continue attending school at Texas A&M-San Antonio. I figured that I have come this far to just not finish and strive for my bachelor’s degree. I truly feel that that I have received the education that was necessary at PAC, thanks to the staff. My professors were so helpful, and I greatly appreciate how they helped me.”

Sophomore Public Relations major Daniella Aldaco said, “After graduation I plan on attending Texas A&M-San Antonio to get my bachelor’s degree,” said Aldaco. “A potential part-time marketing job dealing with insurance might open up in January, and I’m hoping to get the job. That way, I get my foot in the door with communicating. I also hope to gain knowledge in the job and learn what the real world looks like. My favorite course was the reporting class I took last semester. The class really allowed me to get out of  my comfort zone because we had to contact sources for interviews. It gave me the opportunity to network. Seeing your final article published and knowing the hard work you did to write it makes you feel really good. I also improved my grammar skills, and I learned how to successfully write a news article using the inverted pyramid style. At PAC, I feel like I have received a good education. The classes gave me hands-on experiences that I know for a fact will benefit me in my future career.”

Criminal Justice and Psychology major Alejandra Martinez said, “ My plan after graduation is to pursue my bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in psychology. I plan to transfer to Texas A&M-San Antonio. My favorite course would have to be American Corrections with professor Parker. Apart from being a professor, he worked in law enforcement and gave us insight through his personal experiences, which I thought was very valuable.”

Martinez also said, “All the professors I had took pride in what they taught and were genuinely interested in their students prospering after we left their classes and PAC.”  

Graduation will take place at the Freeman Coliseum next to the AT&T Center on May 19. It will start at 3 p.m. and will last approximately last two hours. Parking will be $7. Students with disabilities need to call 72 hours prior to graduation to receive  their accommodations.


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