PAC celebrates San Antonio’s 300th Birthday

PACfest's king and queen, President Mike Flores and Primo unveil the 2018 Fiesta medal and poster. Photo by David Rojas.
PACfest’s king and queen, President Mike Flores and Primo unveil the 2018 Fiesta medal and poster. Photo by David Rojas.

By Alexandria Gallardo
Pulse Staff Reporter

Tejano music stars and Latin Grammy Awards nominees Ram Herrera and Jay Perez will close out the live entertainment at PACfest 2018.

Fiesta San Antonio is a city-wide celebration that is held every April for 10 days. This year, the party will kick off on Thursday, April 19, 2018, at Hemisfair and wrap up on Sunday, April 29, 2018, at the Carver Community Cultural Center. This year’s Fiesta theme celebrates San Antonio’s 300 years of history, which began in 1718.

PACfest is the largest Fiesta celebration in South San Antonio since its birth in 2003 with over 7,000 people from the community in attendance, according to the Fiesta San Antonio Commission.

This year’s PACfest will be “bigger than previous years for San Antonio’s Tricentennial,” said Erica Muñoz, the coordinator of Student Success in the Office of Student Life.

Muñoz explained that this year’s PACfest will host more than 50 food vendors along with various games and other entertainment, including performances by Palo Alto College’s Mariachi Palominos.

“This year is going to be fun for everyone!” said Munoz.

A committee of Student Activities coordinators gathered on Friday, Feb. 16, 2018, to finalize PACfest’s 2018 co-headliners as well as the nominees for PACfest’s King and Queen.

Nominees for queen included Ashley Dovalina, Crystal Lopez, Savannah Robinson, Eleesha Rodriguez, Monica Scraper and Cinthia Stagakes. Nominees for PACfest’s king were Micah Palomo, Dale Sampson and Gabriel Santos. Last year’s PACfest royalty were Mario Treviño and Kim Perez.

The PACfest medal and poster unveiling took place at Palo Alto’s Student Center on March 8, 2018. The presentation started with a quick review and information for this year’s event. PAC’s president and future chancellor of the Alamo Colleges, Dr. Mike Flores, announced this year’s king and queen, Eleesha Rodriguez and Micah Palomo. The presentation ended with a music performance by Brandon Michael and True Country while attendees enjoyed free chicken on a stick.

“I want nothing more than to see this community and this college strive to be as successful as possible,” said Micah Palomo, PACfest’s 2018 king. “I hope that my passion for both of them will show.”

Palomo is also a proud representative of two on-campus organizations: PAC Honors Program and SomosMAS. He will transfer in the fall to Texas Tech University.

Alexandro Luna, peer advisor for Student Life said, “Currently, there is not much information for PACfest 2018, because most of it is still in the works. However, we know that there is going to be more. More food, games and entertainment.”

PACfest 2018 will begin at noon and finish at 10 p.m. on Thursday, April 26, 2018. PACfest will have its Fourth Annual Carne Asada Contest, food vendors, games, entertainment and fireworks.

PACfest 2018’s admission will be free for all Alamo College students and staff and for children under the age of 12. Community members will pay a $5 entrance fee. Fiesta San Antonio reminds attendees to bring chairs and/or blankets to sit on.



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