Spring Break Forever

By JuanJose Ruelas
Pulse Staff Reporter

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Spring Break is coming up, and Palo Alto College students, faculty and staff are ready for a good time.

From March 11-17, 2018, the Palo Alto College campus will be closed during Spring Break and reopen on March 18.

South Padre Island and Port Aransas are annual favorites for the week-long vacation.

Andrew Glenn, a freshman Biology major at Palo Alto College, said that he’ll be “going to Port A (Aransas) with a couple of friends and have a good time.”

More than just going to the beach and partying in Port Aransas and SPI, many students are headed to SPI for concerts.

Carlos Ryan Flores, a sophomore Kinesiology major and basketball player at Palo Alto College, said, “Yeah! I’m going to go see Lil’ Uzi, Post (Malone) and Gucci (Mane).”

From his expressions, he is excited to go to those concerts with his friends.

Genesis Guajardo, a sophomore Geology major at Palo Alto College, said, “I would go to the beach. I would probably go to Corpus Christi because it’s close.”

She wants to get “litty” for Spring Break. Litty means she wants to go and have a good time with her friends and family.

Miguel Angel Frausto, a graduate of Palo Alto College said he’ll probably go to Austin for South by Southwest.

“I’ll probably be there for a few days. Look at the artists, concerts, drinks, and they give free stuff. It’s a cool environment,” he said.

South by Southwest is a festival for film and music industries, founded in 1987 in Austin, Texas.

Alexis Myloni Fuentes, a freshman Engineering major at Palo Alto College, said she was also headed to Austin.

“They have the natural springs,” she said.

Professor Lloyd Walsh said he’s probably more excited than students for Spring Break.

“My band [King Pelican] is playing at South by Southwest! Woo Hoo!” Walsh said. “Aside from my studio, I would go to not Port Aransas, not South Padre Island, probably Big Ben. They have a great campground. I would probably camp there, spacing out, hiking and taking photographs.”

Daniel Morales, a sophomore Communication/Advertising and Public Relations major at Palo Alto College, said, “Probably just work through, but if I could, I would go camping.”

Bianca Martinez, a sophomore Mechanical Engineering major at Palo Alto College, said, “Work out, but if my mom goes tubing, maybe I’ll go with her.”

She also wants to try to spend time with family during Spring Break.

Corporal Adrianna DeHoyos, campus coordinator for the Alamo Colleges Police Department at Palo Alto College, said, “I’m probably going to stay home, and if I did go out of town, it’s going to be to Eagle Pass.”

DeHoyos enjoys casinos, flea markets and bingo.

Spring Break is the time to stop stressing on school and enjoy yourself during the week, going on a trip, getting a tan or maybe just to spending time with your family. Have fun and stay safe during Spring Break.