Palominos preparing for transfer to universities

By Israel Gonzalez
Pulse Staff Reporter

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Fall 2019 deadlines. Infographic by Israel Gonzalez

As the fall semester is coming to a close, many students should start considering which university to choose for transfer. It is necessary for students to look into what schools best fit them, what credits will transfer over, tuition and fee expenses, the school’s location and its environment.

These are factors that Palo Alto student Prisilla Ruth Lares, a sophomore majoring in Business Administration, is taking into consideration.

“I was considering Texas State, but I decided that I will transfer to Texas A&M-San Antonio for next fall,” said Lares.

Lares based her decision on the fact that Texas A&M-San Antonio has a Business program as well being close to home, where she will be with her family and community. But she also based her decision on how much it would cost to attend. TAMUSA was the best fit for her.

Location is important to consider when attending school. Students will decide if they want to stay home and be near family or get away to have new experiences.

When it comes to deciding whether to attend a public or a private school, tuition and fees are also an important consideration.

Rolando Velasquez, a sophomore Education major, has narrowed down his search to three universities.

“I’m trying to still decide what school to attended between UTSA (University of Texas at San Antonio), OLLU (Our Lady of the Lake University) and Texas A&M-San Antonio,” said Velasquez.

Velasquez has not only considered the programs these schools have but also has considered other factors, such as the school environment. Velasquez has taken tours around these campuses to see what student life is like. He has also sat in a couple of classes with friends to experience how classrooms are run, and he has even talked with some instructors at the universities.

Velasquez is taking these factors into considerations to make his final decision. The environment is an important aspect, since students wouldn’t want to be in a school where they may feel out of place.

Students also need to consider what credits will transfer to their university of choice, according to Jorge Olmos, a senior Accounting major at Texas A&M-San Antonio.

Through his experience, Olmos recommends that students find out what credits they will need for their degree plan, what will transfer over to their school of choice and to speak with an advisor from the school about transferring.

Students choose one school over another, from location or environment, to tuition and degree programs. Regardless, it is best to find the school that a student believes will fit him or her the best.

Schools Transfer Admission Deadline
University of Texas at San Antonio


July 1
Texas A&M-San Antonio


August 5
Our Lady of the Lake University


July 15
St. Mary University July 1


Trinity University April 1


University of Incarnate Word


Feb. 1 (priority date but applications accepted up until the start of the fall semester)
North Texas July 1


University of Texas at Austin March 1


Texas State July 15