Work-study positions provide income and real-world experience

By Bianca Leija
Pulse Staff Reporter

Valentin Magallanez, a sophomore, works on his laptop and answers a phone call. Photo by Bianca Leija

Work-study jobs are convenient for students to earn money and balance their school work. Two kinds of work-study positions exist: one is on campus and the other is in the community.

Work-study is an easy application. You will receive a call to do an interview with different departments. Students who qualify through FAFSA work between 15 to 19 hours per week and get paid $9 per hour. Students must be enrolled in six credit hours and make satisfactory academic progress to qualify.

Most students interviewed said it’s an easy job with flexible hours. They get along with their supervisor and colleagues. Some students even get hired after graduation to work in the same position they worked in as students. Palo Alto College has work-study positions in all departments of the school. Work ranges from Monday through Friday on campus, and the hours work around a student’s class schedule.

Working in a department can help students with their chosen career and provide the next step to get experience in their work field. The work-study program gives students experience out in the real world.

Mara Rivas, a sophomore Vet Tech major, applied thanks to a professor’s recommendation. This is her first semester as a work-study. She works in the Vet Tech Department that provides hands-on skills working with animals.

Valentin Magallanez is a double major in Cybersecurity and Psychology, said, “Working at the Ozuna Computer Labs is easy, very social, calm and fast-paced.”

More than five work-study alumni have been hired to work for Palo Alto College’s IT Department.

Enedelia Martinez, a sophomore Vet Tech major, works for the library and enjoys the peaceful environment. She has worked there almost a year and two months already, and she believes she has gained skills that can help her.

Community work-study students work with non-profit organizations and government offices. Students work outside of campus. Their positions range from Accounting Assistant to Wellness Center Assistant. Agency partners range from the American Indians in Texas to University Health System. These positions also expand a student’s career options.

Students must apply every semester to get a job, and it depends how hard a student works if their supervisor rehires them.

For more information on work-study positions, contact Lucy Rodriguez in the Financial Aid Department in the Palomino Center at (210) 486-3606, or contact Leo Pacheco in the Human Resources Department, in San Jacinto, Room 110, (210) 486-3909. You may also visit

For community work-study, contact Katherine Driscoll at (210) 486-5083, 8300 Pat Booker Road, Office A230, in Live Oak, Texas. Or visit

Spring registration is now open, and 99 work-study positions exist at PAC.

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