Spring Break offers much-needed relaxation

By Anna Castellanos
Pulse Staff  Reporter

Rockport, Texas

Spring Break falls right in the middle of the perfect type of weather, sunny with a breeze. The birds are chirping while kids ride bikes along the sidewalk. The hottest tracks are playing on the radio while teens and adults sing along.

People usually take time off from work knowing so much takes place during the week of Spring Break. Although it is only a week, people really get excited for their free time, even if it’s only to catch up on rest or relaxation.

Isabel Rangel, a Communications major and sophomore at Palo Alto College, said her excitement for Spring Break is building.

“I never really have time to go out, so when I do, I go all out,” she said.

Rangel and her best friend, Gloria, are heading to South Padre Island for the week, ready to work on their tans.                                 

“We love the sun. We love water, and we love cute beach boys–so what better way to spend our break?” asked Rangel.              

While Rangel is planning her trip to visit the beach, some people are planning on doing absolutely nothing at all, like Jesse James, an early high school college student at Palo Alto who is a Kinesiology major.              

“I look forward to Spring Break because I know for a fact I can sleep. I work a lot and being full-time in school gets exhausting,” James said.       

Some people have really busy lives outside of school and many priorities to take care of, so when a break comes along, people definitely take it.

“I never really did much for Spring Break growing up. To go on a trip would be cool, but I still think my rest is more important,” he said.                  

Not only do you have people who travel and people who do nothing, you also have people who treat Spring Break just like any other week.

Thirty-year-old Damiana Contreras, a mother of two children, a Drama major and a Vet-Tech major who attends PAC, said, “When you get older, you don’t have much to look forward to, especially having kids. Nothing is about me anymore. I make everything about my kids, and do what I can to make them happier.”

Contreras will be working during Spring Break, but she plans to send her kids on a trip to Austin, Texas, for a couple of days.                            

“They deserve it. They work hard and deserve to have fun,” said Contreras. With everyone planning trips, planning nothing and planning to do the same thing- everyone has one thing in common about Spring Break…it’s coming fast!                                                                                          

Palo Alto’s 2019 Spring Break will begin on March 9 and continue until March 17. Classes at Palo Alto will resume on March 18, 2019.       


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