Students mull over degree’s value

By Devon Bates
Pulse Staff Reporter

The issue of whether a university degree is necessary or not torments the current generation, especially when the cost of higher education is factored in.

Vincent Garcia from Palo Alto’s Veterans Affairs Office believes that one should not stop at a high school diploma but should rather complete a college degree. His argument is based on the fact that a college degree is instrumental in helping people access employment opportunities in a job market that has grown more competitive over recent years. It is from better employment opportunities that degree holders can be able to support their families economically.

Vincent Bosquez, a retired captain from the United States Marine Corps in Palo Alto’s Veterans Affairs Office, believes that though people drop out of college for the reason that believe a degree is not relevant or important, they should always consider going back and completing their degree. Everybody is aware that college isn’t for everyone, but it’s worth it to at least try. You can get help if you are considering dropping out or taking a break.

A university degree might not be valued as much by the current generation. Most people, when giving their life experience or their thoughts on whether a degree has been important to their progress, accept the fact that they started their journey of success without a degree. However, money earned over a lifetime with a degree outpaces money earned without a degree. Students need to focus on not just the financial benefits, but the critical thinking, teamwork, communication and social responsibility benefits learned in college.

Alumni Reanna Castilleja said, “Not having a degree does necessarily mean that they will be unsuccessful. Success can be measured by many things. Success can measure by happiness and adversity. If someone is happy with the way their life is going, that is success. If someone is NOT constantly struggling with adversity, that is success.”  

In fact, many alumni acquired their degrees later in life, so their success was not in any way attached to their degree. Some people have dropped out of college and decided to pursue their dreams instead of spending their time pursuing a higher education.”

Having a degree makes you successful in many ways. Having a degree means that your educated. Being educated opens doors and makes you more aware and the knowledgeable able of the things around you. It also shows that you’re motivated and ambitious to learn, as opposed to those who would dropped out. Ambition leads to completion, which then leads to success in obtaining a degree.