The SHARE Center provides job/career advice

By Norberto Zuniga
Pulse Staff Reporter

Student Maranda Rasache finding clothes in the SHARE Center closet.

The SHARE Center provides PAC students with resources that help them be successful in completing their courses and graduating. The word “share” is an acronym for the student health, advocacy, resource and engagement center.

Natalie Riojas, who is now in charge of the career advice/job search area of the SHARE Center, said this new program helps students grow professionally in building resumes, cover letters and helps them figure out their career path.

The job/career program offers services such as mock interviews and a career inventory to help students select a major that follows their career choice. It matches users to careers, majors, training programs and much more.

The program was built for students who are still not sure what to study. Using different types of examples, students may explore and expand their thinking.

“I’m teaching you how to fish, instead of feeding you,” said Riojas.

In this program, PAC students can find internship leads to start practicing for their future careers. Students should care about this program because it is free. They are not left alone because the help from Riojas is always going to be there to assist you.

An internship is a type of work experience for entry-level job seekers. It often leads to a position upon graduation. It helps you prepare for your future career.

The SHARE Center partners with Goodwill; they provide donations to help low-income students dress for interviews. Students who are in need are welcome to select from a variety of clothing. Professional clothing helps motivate students to get things done.

Destiney Espinoza, an Education major at Palo Alto College, said that the program helps you to prepare for anything you need. She said she finds the free service amazing. It gets students where they need to be.

Espinoza said that in high school she was taught to do a basic resume, but it didn’t seem professional. With Riojas, she has learned how a resume can be done. She said that after finishing her resume, she noticed how much potential she had.

Another Education major at Palo Alto College, Juan Pablo Hilario, thinks this new program is an excellent tool because it is a benefit for those who still don’t have an idea of what they want to become in life. Hilario said that students’ futures are in their hands, but the center will give them the push that they might need.

The SHARE Center is located in the Student Center, Room 101. PAC students only need to set up an appointment with Riojas. For more information, contact her via email at, or via phone at (210) 486-3121.

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