PAC advisors host Snack + Chat for students

By Norberto Zuniga
Pulse Staff Reporter

Advisor Mallie Vallejo from S.T.E.M Center helps find necessary courses for a student at Palo Alto College. Photo by Norberto Zuniga.

Being in college means being in a more advanced range of subjects, teachers, peers and technology. However, advisors are in place to help students be successful at Palo Alto College.

Casey Chiles, a peer advisor in the S.E.E.D Center at Palo Alto College, said that the Snack + Chat event helps engage students with their advisors and plan for the future.

This event usually happens once per semester. It is easy to attend because it takes place in the courtyard of the school’s campus and other times in the halls, such as in the Brazos Hall lobby area.

Advisors notify the students about the event through their ACES email. In Snack + Chat, all peer advisors come together to reach their goal, which is to interact with as many students as possible to support them.

“Meeting and planning a career is important to be successful,” said Chiles.

Palo Alto College’s advisors care a lot about helping students who still have doubts about their future career. Many students feel pressure and frustration, and they sometimes want to give up.

Amanda Morales, a Communication advisor at Palo Alto College, said, “Students learn more stuff about school and the chat sends students in the right direction.”

Morales also said, “If a student does not know who their advisor is, this event helps PAC students build a better relationship with their advisor.”

Ricardo Villanueva, a sophomore Education major, thinks this event is important because the students have a vision of their future and what they need to do for their career. Students realize what they need, and they do not waste their time taking classes that will not benefit them. Thanks to their advisor, they know where to go and what to do.

Villanueva feels good about having somebody who is supporting him through the courses he is taking at Palo Alto College.

“This is a good event… because sometimes the advisor does not have time or has many appointments to do. This type of event gives you the opportunity to ask questions that you have had during all your semester,” Villanueva said.

Ashley Hernandez, a peer advisor in the S.T.E.M Center at Palo Alto College, loved the experience of being part of the event.

“It is important to help students with questions related to the school so that they can develop their knowledge,” Hernandez said.

This event helps students with any general questions about school. Having the moral support from the peer advisors makes students feel motivated to not give up.

Hernandez also said, “Around 200 students showed up, and it makes me feel good that I help a lot of students.”

The next Snack + Chat will be this coming Fall 2019 semester at Palo Alto College. Peer advisors usually receive the schedule three weeks before the event starts to get everything set up. Students can speak to their assigned advisor if they have questions about their future career.  

For more information about advisors, contact Advising Team Support at (210) 486-3665. Advising Team Support is located in the Palomino Center with office hours on Monday from at 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.; Tuesday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.; and Saturday, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.