PAC students share their summer plans

By Elizabeth Mayer
Pulse Staff Reporter

An up-and-coming time for some well-deserved R&R is fast approaching for students across the United States, and students at Palo Alto College can’t wait to take some time away from the stress of classes and the academic environment.

Summer is one of the many seasons a person anticipates; the warm weather makes them want to go out and swim or just stay inside to keep cool. Students from the Alamo Colleges are either graduating or transferring to complete their studies. Either way, they’re excited about their long-deserved vacation. Most plan outings, such as going on a simple beach vacation for a weekend or maybe a camping trip for the adventurous type.

“My family and I are actually going to Ohio for summer vacation to visit family we haven’t seen for a while and to go to this awesome amusement park called Kings Island. I haven’t been to that place since I was a kid. I’m so hyped,” said Jorge Estrada, a first-year student who is majoring in Business Administration at PAC.

While most students are taking a well-deserved vacation, some cannot just lounge around and do nothing all day, and that is why they get summer jobs to earn some money during their break. Some score jobs like a lifeguard at a community pool or perhaps an internship to help build their resume.

“This summer I’m actually going to be busy with a paid internship and a temporary job at a local Olive Garden. I’m majoring in the medical field in hopes of becoming a physician, and I’m excited that I scored an internship at The Children’s Hospital of San Antonio,” said Jessica Michelle, a hardworking and high achieving sophomore at PAC.

While most students are busy with their summer vacations, jobs and internships, a small percentage of students don’t have time for such things. Some may be young parents who already have a full-time job and may be working more hours during their summer vacation.

“I’m a full-time mother, full-time employee and a part time student. My two children, ages five and two, spend most of their time at daycare while I work and attend classes. I feel bad for taking their summer away and sticking them in a daycare, but it has to be done if I want to give my children a better future. When it comes to summer vacation, there is no time for relaxation for this mama, not that that is a bad thing. I love my children like crazy,” said Samantha Roberts, a PAC alumna who now studies via online courses to work on her nursing career.

While most are enjoying their summer by going on vacation or spending time with their children, some are still hard at work. Summer classes are a big plus for those wanting to get ahead or perhaps try again at a class they didn’t do so well in.

“I’m a first-time college student and I wasn’t anticipating on my classes to be so difficult, especially for a freshman. So, I had no choice but to drop the classes and take them during summertime, which is a huge bummer,” said Edgar Cuevas, a freshman at PAC.            

In the end, everyone at the Alamo Colleges have something planned, whether it be having fun in the sun, taking care of children, binge watching TV shows and movies or taking summer courses. If you ever find yourself with nothing planned, go ahead and check out the Alamo Colleges website or contact your advisor to see what programs are available for you this summer.

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