Self-Defense classes prepare for the unknown

By Ariel Schultz
Pulse Staff Reporter

Some college students might find themselves not knowing what to do if someone attempted robbery, assault, kidnapping or any sort of attack against them. Knowing self-defense could be the key to protecting yourself or someone else from harm.

Self-defense is not only a tool for women to learn, it is just as important for men. In some cases, both can be victims, and weapons aren’t always enough for protection. Self-defense uses force to protect oneself from being harmed by an attacker. By learning self-defense, you can even save someone who is being attacked.

For example, students who take night classes might find themselves walking to their car alone after class. Around that time is when students find themselves in jeopardy of being attacked. According to the Alamo Colleges’ crime statistics, a total of 74 assaults were reported on campus, both day and night, from 2013-2015.

Miguel Frausto, a coach at Palo Alto College, said PAC students can learn such skills and protect themselves by enrolling in Cardio Kickboxing 101.

Frausto also said, “There are many ways you can change your lifestyle for the better. Why not learn to protect your life?”

Math Professor at Palo Alto College Alfred Alvarez is also a self-defense guru who helps teach karate at Al Francis Karate. Alvarez got involved in self-defense techniques at a young age. He grew up with many of his uncles in the military, and when they would come back from training, they would teach Alvarez the techniques they learned in the military. He found it fun. In the past Alvarez has taught taekwondo, a free beginner’s self-defense class, here on campus to help students and staff protect themselves on and off campus.

Alvarez said, “Try a class. Go visit a place around town. Find something you like, and you can see how they do it, what they do, and how it is.”

Jennifer Borrego, owner of The Dojo Karate Academy, said, “Learning some sort of self-defense should be included in everyone’s life. It’s important to know how to protect yourself.”

If you are considering learning karate as self-defense, visit their studio located at 353 Moursund Blvd. where they offer college students a special deal for $79. This deal includes a four-week trial program and a karate uniform. Students must present their college IDs to the front desk for the discount. For more information, visit The Dojo Karate Academy to book a self-defense class today or call (210) 927-0669.

Not only will a few classes teach you how to protect yourself, but a person learning these skills will help one gain self-confidence and learn to think before acting. This makes someone feel more independent and able to make logical decisions instead of acting out on impulse.

Whether you are 18 or 85, you will benefit from taking a self-defense class, which can be put to use in other situations in life. For example, in “Game of Thrones,” the years of training and learning self-defense techniques helped give Arya the skills she needed to protect herself from the White Walkers and defeat the Ice King. Arya saved not only her life but the lives of many all because she learned self-defense.

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