Campus Police seeks compliments and complaints

By Noel Perez
Pulse Staff Reporter 

Photo of the Alamo Colleges Police Department uniform patchAn on-campus officer accused of wrongdoing leads to a number of unanswered questions followed by a dead end.

“I think our campus police do a great job! I’ve had many interactions with them, all very different, but all of them positive,” said Esther Rendon, administrative services specialist, PAC Tutoring Services – Honors Program.

Rendon said a PAC student had been experiencing harassment from an ex, including being threatened off-campus, which led to Rendon’s involvement with the PAC Police.

Rendon created a close relationship with a trusted officer, who she said was very easy to contact. Rendon asked the police officer to step in, provide information and give the student options. The police officer did so.

Kayla Salwey, a Political Science major, said on-duty officer Armando Lechuga briefly flashed his car lights, indicating for her to pull over. He asked for her number and if she wanted to go to lunch with him. It made her uncomfortable.

“He knows you can’t indulge with students,” she said. Lechuga knew Salwey was a student, and she felt the whole interaction was not appropriate.

Salwey felt uncomfortable telling her story because of the power police officers carry on campus. It can be very frightening and nerve-wracking to come forward about those who are meant to serve and protect, she said.

The officer involved in the incident has since been relocated to St. Philip’s College. Sergeant Toxie Turner at St. Philip’s College and Lechuga read over the accusation and pointed us toward the captain of St. Philip’s College.

After many failed attempts of trying to contact SPC Police Captain Salinas for further information, no response was received. After multiple calls and voicemail messages, no callbacks were received.

Shortly after, Palo Alto College Sgt. Mary Ramirez, PAC campus coordinator, reached out to Salwey on a Monday afternoon to ask if she would like to file a formal complaint, acknowledging the story in works for the Pulse. Salwey chose not to file a formal complaint.

The police at The Alamo Colleges pride themselves on putting the safety of the public first. According to the Alamo Colleges’ Police website, “It is essential to the safety of our community that the relationship between the police and citizens be built on confidence and trust.”

The Texas Police Chiefs’ Association Foundation honored the Alamo Colleges Police Department.

Palo Alto Campus Police offer a variety of services to ensure the safety of students, such as courtesy patrols, courtesy escorts, battery boosts and vehicle lockout assistance.

If you would like to register a complaint or a compliment on PAC’s Campus Police, visit or contact Sgt. Ramirez at 210-486-3997.

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