Palo Alto students budget for holiday savings

By Belinda Rangel
Pulse Staff Reporter

Photo of the 2019 America Recycles Day Fashion Show participants by Jason Gaines.
Photo of the 2019 America Recycles Day Fashion Show participants by Jason Gaines.

The holidays are the season for joy, family, decorations and many gifts. This can prove quite expensive for college students who are on a budget, but some college students have found methods that can help save you some money.

Saving up before the holiday season, in November and December, can help with budgeting and making sure you don’t go into debt.

Sylvia Martinez, a freshman Art major at Palo Alto College, said, “I usually have money on the side already. I save up money from my babysitting.”

Martinez said she sets a certain amount of money for herself to spend on gifts for people to make sure everyone gets a present. She also said that she would borrow money if she needed it, though. In retrospect, Martinez would rather save money months before to make sure she had enough.

Besides saving money months prior to the holiday season, hosting a celebration during the season may be difficult.

“If you couldn’t do it during the holiday season, wait until a bit after,” said Javier Mosqueda, a freshman Music major. “After that, they have discounts.”

Waiting for the holiday season hype to pass is common. Discounts in stores appear as they try to get rid of all the leftover merchandise. It can also help you stock up for the following year’s holidays.

“Try to save next time or start saving now. That’s something they need to practice on,” said Hector Gavara, a sophomore Business Administration major.

During this holiday season, people will overspend because they want to get the people they care about the gifts they want.

“Talk to [the credit card companies]. If you talk to them, they will be able to help you. If you don’t talk to them, they are going to think that you are just running away from the debt, and that’s where it will hurt you worse,” said Ashleigh Brown, a freshman Psychology major.

Brown uses her personal experience as someone who once was in debt because of the holiday season. She recalls it took her years to pay off her debt. Because she kept communication with the credit card companies, she was able to pay back what she owed.

However, it is best to not go into debt. Pay off your credit cards each month. Never carry a balance.

The holiday season doesn’t have to be expensive. Make it easy on your wallet by following these saving tips. Be prepared for this holiday season and future ones. Spread the word. Don’t let yourself or others fall into the debt hole.               

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