Students on a budget find home décor

By Alex Hartman
Pulse Staff Reporter

Photo of repurposed home décor by Alex Hartman
Photo of repurposed home décor by Alex Hartman

As a college student on a strict budget, buying home décor feels impossible. This can leave a home looking bare and uninviting. The following tips and tricks can help make your space go from drab to fab without breaking the bank.

Individuals who are looking to dress up their space without losing their life savings can shop second hand.

“I found someone’s Instagram, and their account was all about reselling items. I was looking through their page and saw the perfect vanity chair for a fraction of the price. I could not believe the deal I found,” said Ariana Fuentes, a recent apartment renter in San Antonio.

Goodwill, Craigslist, Habitat for Humanity and thrift stores offer resale items. For individuals who are more tech-savvy or simply do not have the time to head to a store, many apps, such as LetGo, PoshMark and Instagram, feature resale items.

Another way people can decorate their home on a budget is through “Do It Yourself” projects and repurposing items already in your possession.

It can be tricky to know where to begin when decorating. Pinterest, HGTV programs and pieces of art are known to ignite a creative spark.

While creating your own home décor items might be a cakewalk for some, for others being crafty is not their forté. Alternative ways to locate affordable home décor is through online shopping and the use of discount codes. has discount codes for everything. I was looking at some online stores, and they were out of my price range until I found a coupon code and they gave me 20% off my entire purchase,” said Hailey Warren, a Palo Alto College alumna.

While many coupon codes are available all year round, it can be helpful to know the more common times of the year a sale will occur. For example, Black Friday, tax-free weekends, President’s Day, Labor Day and Amazon Prime Day supply items at a substantially discounted rate at various points in the year.

“I do not think I have ever bought a piece of furniture, wall art or anything home decoration-related at full price. Knowing the places to shop at is so helpful when decorating for my space,” said Ashley Alvizo, a former sales representative of H&M.

An essential part of growing up is self-discovery, and one of the many ways we do that is through surrounding ourselves with objects we love in our home. With various affordable outlets, home décor does not have to deplete your bank account. Many stores, online and in person, provide home decorations at a fraction of the cost.